Tuesday, July 31, 2012

בין חֵרוּת לחָרוּת

On 29 Iyar (May 21), Orot Israel College held its traditional Yom Yerushalayim celebration for the student body, the staff, and the administration, at the Elkana campus. The event began with a festive dinner on the campus lawn and culminated with an awards ceremony and an artistic program in the auditorium.
Rav Professor Neria Guttel, president of Orot Israel College, and Professor Yosef Rivlin, chairman of the academic council, greeted the attendees, and then the award ceremony began.
First, the Ron family (together with the Betzer and Frankel families) presented a number of students with the Tzippi Ron Memorial Scholarship. Mrs. Ron spoke lovingly about Tzippi z”l, her generous spirit, and her many acts of kindness, which inspired the family to perpetuate her memory in this fashion.
Next, three outstanding Orot students received Awards for Excellence for their Judaic studies research papers. Twelve students reached the finals, and after three rounds of judging, the winners were selected. First place went to Ortal Flora Sheier-Darmon, who wrote about Rav Kook’s poetry and modern literary analysis. Finally, the board members of Orot’s Student Union were given an award for their significant contributions to student life on campus.
After the awards ceremony, the audience was treated to a fascinating presentation by Yerushalayim’s City of David Foundation and then enjoyed a lively communal sing-along.

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