Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Orot Israel College’s Library Hosts “Song of Colors” Exhibit

by Amalya Tsoran - Library Director, Elkana Campus

Bold colors. Reflections of light and water. A feast for the eyes. These are a visitor’s initial impressions upon entering the library building at Orot Israel College’s Elkana campus.
On display on the walls of the library’s ground floor are artistic works by Dr. Chana Schmerling. The highly-acclaimed exhibit – which opened on Tuesday, 28 MarCheshvan 5773 (November 13, 2012) in the presence of the artist and her family and friends – will remain in place throughout the 5773 school year.
In his remarks during the exhibit’s opening ceremony, Rabbi Professor Neria Guttel, President of Orot Israel College, noted that art can serve as an ideal way for man to express his faith – especially when the art is based on complete emunah (faith) in HaKadosh Baruch Hu. Rabbi Professor Guttel also focused on the significant bond between the intellect and the emotions – as reflected in the combination of art (the emotions) and the library (a stronghold of knowledge and the intellect).
The exhibit includes an assortment of drawings in different styles. Small descriptive signs appear next to several of the drawings. For instance, a series of drawings of palm trees are accompanied by a sign reading, “Efrat (our relative), who was expelled from Gush Katif, asked to memorialize the place as a pleasant experience of her youth. In her eyes, the palm trees and the sea represent the lost dream. Her request inspired a number of drawings.” A small bookshelf containing books about Gush Katif sits below the sign and the drawings.
The Elkana library’s staff believes that art should be integrated within the world of books and digitized information. Like literature and poetry, cinema and dance, philosophy and faith – all fields of study at Orot, which are represented in the library’s collections - art is yet another manifestation of the greatness of man’s spirit and creativity.
Each year, the library displays the works of a different member of Orot Israel College’s faculty or administration. The library is open Monday-Wednesday from 8:00AM–7:45PM and Thursday from 8:00AM–3:45PM. You are welcome to visit!

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