Sunday, August 11, 2013

Orot Israel College’s Noga Dance Company Performs at Bar Ilan University

The Noga Dance Company recently performed at Bar Ilan University’s Midrashah for Women. The well-received program included a beautiful performance, a fascinating panel discussion with the choreographer and the dancers, and an interactive dance workshop.
Every Rosh Chodesh, the Midrashah at Bar Ilan organizes a special event focusing on a different branch of the arts. The Noga Dance Company was asked to appear as a fitting tribute to Miriam HaNeviah, who famously sang “with drum and dance.”
Garnering loud applause from the audience, the dancers performed two dances. The first, “Naftulai” by Tziona Shabtai, portrays one woman’s inner world and its inherent contradictions, and the second, part of a new production by Avital Ben-Gad, revolves around the concept of prayer.
Following the performance, the dancers spoke about Orot Israel College’s one-of-a-kind dance program and discussed some of the personal and halachic challenges involved. The enchanted audience was very interested to learn how the dancers are able to incorporate both faith and art into their lives.
Finally, the Bar Ilan students were treated to a dance workshop led by Sharona Florsheim, the dance company’s artistic director. She demonstrated how one can communicate and express oneself via movement and dance.
The entire evening received rave reviews. The Bar Ilan students later described the event as a profound, meaningful, and joyous experience, and Dr. Ruth Ben Meir and Mrs. Yael Schlossberg of the Midrashah sent a lovely thank you note to the members of the dance company:
“The performance made a deep impression on us. You performed before an audience for whom dance is not their ‘mother tongue,’ but nevertheless, you managed to break the language barrier and touch our hearts. We were able to become part of the struggle, the escape, the
return, the search, the tension, the longing, the yearning, and the prayer, which you expressed with such talent. Meeting young religious artists - who face the tension and the connection between creativity and faith and who choose to express themselves while living halachic lives - added depth and meaning to the encounter.”
Thanks to the generous support of Mifal HaPayis’s Council for Culture and Art and the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Noga Dance Company is currently working on a children’s dance by Avital Ben-Gad.

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