Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rechovot Campus Ranked Third in a Survey of Interns’ Satisfaction

In a survey of interns and new teachers recently conducted by the Department of Internships and Early Teaching within the Ministry of Education, the Rechovot Campus was ranked third from a field of 36 colleges and universities across the country, with respect to the index of interns’ satisfaction from the College’s internship workshop and seminar.
The survey assessed various parameters among the interns with respect to the usefulness and satisfaction they derived from their internships, their mentorship in the schools in which they were working, and regarding the entire process of their training over the course of their earning their degree.
“We are proud of the College’s achievements, and we will continue to advance and improve the process of mentoring the interns, as well as being a welcome and supportive home, professionally and emotionally, for them,” according to Dr. Zeev Kaim, Internship Program Coordinator, Rechovot Campus.

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