Monday, February 24, 2014

Orot Israel College Receives Prestigious Jerusalem Prize

Orot Israel College, headed by President Rav Professor Neria Guttel, was recently awarded the prestigious Jerusalem Prize for Education. The prize was given for Orot’s outstanding achievements and contributions to Israeli education.
Education Minister MK Rav Shai Piron presented the award. In his remarks, he stated that under Rav Professor Guttel’s leadership, Orot has become the country’s leading and largest educational college, whose primary focuses are academic, religious and pedagogical excellence. Rav Piron also noted the remarkable vision, creativity, and innovation that characterize Orot and its achievements. He explained that as the minister charged with overseeing the country’s educational system, he has the unique ability to appreciate and observe the results of Orot’s numerous accomplishments.
Orot Israel College was founded in 5739 (1978) by Rav Dr. Yehuda Felix. In 5768 (2008), Orot doubled in size and stature when it merged with Moreshet Yaakov College and thus became the largest and most diversified academic educational college within Israel’s religious-public educational system.
Rav Chaim Saban, Orot Israel College’s vice president; and Rav Chaim Fogel, chairman of the board of trustees, participated in the award ceremony.

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